Podesta email leaks...

Podesta email leaks in 2016 turn up pizzaria pedophile ring, aka the short lived "Pizzagate"  


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24/06/2018 3:19 am  

This shit was bonkers when it was first happening. This all started with Hillary Clintons emails being "breached" during the 2016 presidential election. What it lead up to was some eagle eyed investigators finding one hell of a rabbit hole. This eventually lead to the discovery that a pizzaria called comet pizzapong is actually a cover for a major pedophilia operation. MAJOR players were in this, including the Clintons themselves, Obama, and various congressmen. When it first emerged, there was little proof here and there which eventually lead to the connecting of the dots. However, this investigation was IMMEDIATELY covered up and halted in every way possible, leading up to (what I believe) a false flag gunman going into the pizzaria itself and demanding the owners present themselves and release the kids, basically. After this, everything crashed down, and the investigation and evidence pretty much halted. The internet was flooded with disinformation, and anything even resembling coherent proof that would be found today (as I'm learning right now) is damn near impossible. Hell, that is all from memory.


A short summary can be summed up as this:

Hillary Clintons emails get compromised

An eagle eyed investigator finds some interesting emails sent back and forth from people, with language that is tied to pedophilia

Comet Pizza has creepy pictures, symbols/words commonly used by pedophiles, and even some evidence of the acts going on. 

Videos were leaked

Shit was eventually found out with hard evidence that comet pizza runs a pedophile ring out of its basement

Media outlets and various interested groups work fast to shut this down

Gunman goes in

Days after, the investigation ends with no more further proof, or is drowned out by disinfo.


Thankfully, I've found a short infograph that some people have come up with:


There is also an hour video, which I am currently watching right now, that seems to have a lot of detail on what happened with all of this.

I'll post more proof as I find it, but it's pretty damn hard to find it right now since it's been buried so well with disinformation tactics.


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